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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Knock off Purse- Finished

I got the purse done!!!  The kids did really good today.  I had to take a few breaks and give them some personal time, but they then rewarded me with time to work!  Here is the final steps.
First I cut the lining using the main purse pieces so that they would be the same size.  I surged then like I did for the rest of the pieces and stitched them together.  Then I started the ruffles.  The main purse did pleates, but I prefer to do gathering.
I then stitched it on to the center piece. Then stitched it to the front of the purse.  
 I also stitched the sides of the purse to the front as well.

Then I added the second ruffle to the purse.

Then the third ruffle.
Then I attatched the lining to the purse. Both pieces turned inside out leaving a hole so that I could turn it right side out and not have any seams showing.
I then stiched the top closed and added a velcro closure.  The original purse has a snap closure.  My purse ended up bigger so I felt it needed a bigger closure.
I added the button detail and the purse is done!!
Here are the two purses.  Mine ended up bigger. Hopefully my friend wont mind, she has kids and when you have kids your purse can NEVER be big enough!!  Hope you like it.  I think it turned out GREAT!

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