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Monday, August 29, 2011

Costumes.....follow the pattern? I think NOT!

So, I am going to be starting on Emily's Halloween costume.  Being Emily she wants to be "prince"  which is Emily for Princess which in turn means Rapunzel or "punzel" in Emily.

So, I purchased this pattern to make it, but, me being me thought that it looks too poofy compared to the skirt from the movie.

I like the skirt that she is wearing here.  Also, I was thinking that Emily would have the top layer of chiffon torn up in no time if I went by the pattern.  I think I am going to exclude that part and make it look more like this picture below.

I also love the two different patterns that are shown here so I think that I am going to use a brocade and then a plain fabric accented by some sort of trim. Unfortunately I can't get this specific application ( I don't have a computerized machine that does embroidery, so sad! ) but I think I can come up with something cute!

I also like the pattern on the top so I think I will try and find something tone on tone like this for the top.

Here is what the Rapunzel looks like at Disney and I really like this look.  Of course they can get the same fabric as in the movie and I can't but I like the look so that is what I am going to work toward.

The pattern gives  you directions for a head piece but I REALLY don't like that look!  I want something that looks more like these pictures of her hair!  There is the issue that Emily has brown hair and that it is not very long but....

I am thinking I can get some hair combs and attach some hair extensions that I can braid and then add the flowers to make my own hair piece.  I will have to see what I can find. It is Halloween season so who knows what I can find, I'm sure I can get something that I like better!

So, here is the next project for me...... I am not sure if I am going to get what I want but here is to me trying!  Wish me luck!
I will post pictures as the project develops...stay tuned and check back with me!

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  1. I LOVE the Rapunzel costume idea you came up with. Can't wait to get updates and see pics. You'll make it look great.