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Monday, September 26, 2011

Costumes....Part II

So, When I went to the fabric store I was forced to make so changes to the ideas that I had in my head.
 I could only find one brocade fabric that I liked to use for the dress.  So, I decided to use that one for the top and compromise on the center of the skirt.
This is a close up of the brocade fabric for the top...

I decided to use this sparkly sheer fabric as an overlay for the center of the dress.
I also decided to go simple on the trim and this was sparkly trim that had flowers on it.
This is the finished skirt.  
The pattern made the skirt VERY poofy!  I didn't really like that look.
So, I pleated the skirt instead of gathering it,this made the center much smaller and the skirt lays much smoother.

This is a close up of the top. 

I used a simple cotton trim on the dress instead of a sheer just so that it would hold up to Emily wearing it.
I did end up going with chiffon sleeves, nothing else seemed to look right or was the right color.
Here is the completed dress! I will post pictures of Emily in it after her party so that it shows better.

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