Creations Made with a Mom's Love

Monday, February 28, 2011

The begining of Precious Monkeys Apparel and Designs

So, I am going to attempt to enter into the world of blogging.... I am not so sure about this so I am entering in with just my toes right now.  I am thinking that the water is freezing and it will take some time to warm up.  Brian, my husband, thinks this will be a good way to get people to see what my new business is all about and get more people interested.  So, here I am asking you if this is interesting enough for me to keep doing.


  1. I'm SO excited to follow your business well as your own journey as a wife, mom, and woman of your own - through your blog...VERY cool - and best wishes!


  2. Thank you Sabrina, I just hope that I don't disappoint! I'm not sure how interesting I am.....

  3. I am going to be doing a craft booth at the La Leche mom's night out in April with my friend Rachel. I am very excited to take the next step and put my stuff out there for everyone to see. I am also very nervous that I won't make any sales. I know that my close friends think that my clothing is cute, but are people willing to give their hard earned money for it???? There's the real question!!