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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tara's Ribbon trimmed jeans

I have a great friend who sent this to me and asked if I would feature her on my blog and after looking at her project I told her " OF COURSE!" I think this is a really cute and easy solution to a problem that I am sure many of you have out there!  Thanks, Tara Gibson for sharing your project! 

Ribbon-trimmed jeans
My little girl has a tendency to outgrow her pants in the length before she is ready to move to the next size in the waist.  A friend who has the same problem showed me what she did to lengthen her daughter’s pants.

My friend did hers using a hot glue gun. I happened to have some peel n stick fabric tape on hand so that is what I used. It’s like double sided tape for fabric.     
I did this in under 2 hours. Most of your time is spent doing the prep work: cutting the ribbon, cutting the fabric tape, applying the tape. Once you have your ribbons cut, apply squares of tape to the ends of the ribbons on the wrong side of the ribbon and leave the backing on. Lay out the ribbons in the order you want to place them.  Peel off the backing on one end of the ribbon and press the ribbon onto the outside of the pants.
Next, peel off the backing from the other end and press it to the inside of the pant leg.                                                                       
Do this all the way around the pant leg until it looks like this:
Next, apply a band of ribbon all the way around to cover up the exposed edges. I applied the adhesive to the middle section of the band and pressed it to the front and then flipped the pants over to apply adhesive to the remaining pieces and overlapped them on the back.
 Please give me some feed back on what you think about this project and if you have any ideas that you would like featured on this blog send them to be directly and I will see what we can do.


  1. LOVE this idea! And so darn cute. Thanks for sharing.

    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for checking out my blog!