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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Liesel curtain dress

A friend of mine came to me and wanted a special dress for her daughter's birthday.  Her daughter LOVES Sound of Music and she is going to take her to the play for her birthday. So what better dress than the "curtain" dress that Liesel wears in the movie.
There is a website that has created a pattern but it is an adult size. She posted a bunch of great pictures of her dress and the pictures she used to create her pattern.

  My friends little girl is a size 7.  So, I found this pattern that I thought I could adjust to make work for the size I needed.  I also used the pictures from 
 I found the fabric at  It is not an exact match but I think that it works really well.  
The fabric looks like it has a woven texture but it is 100% cotton.  I thought this added to the "curtain" look of it.  The fabric that  used is from Michael Miller.

After all of my adjustments and changes here is the final product.  I hope to get pictures of her in the dress after this weekend!

These are the types of projects that I LOVE to do!  They are challenging and I get a kick out of doing something that is special and one of a kind!  I hope that you all like the finished product as much as I do.  


  1. My daughter, about to turn 8, also fell in love. I'm trying to find a pattern for the dress on the far right, picturing the three girls. The one with the "yoke". Do you have any ideas on where to find a pattern for this one? Thanks for your time.

    1. I cant think of a pattern right off hand but I will take a look and see if I come up with anything.